Baby Panda has gone missing again. I locate her next to a discarded sock under a throw pillow and replace her in the arms of her stuffed Mama. Mama and Baby joined our family years ago, a peace offering from my older children to their left-behind younger sibling upon their return from a school trip […]

In the humble opinion of one regular, but very concerned citizen, who is further alarmed by the recent reporting that the current president is gaining on Mr. Biden in the polls and is wondering where in the hell he’s been keeping himself these days (I mean aside from inside his house), these are some things Biden […]

Hi Ho all! Just back from a Fifty is Nifty girls’ weekend in NashVegas, where bachelorettes and middle aged women go to let loose. Lots of open air party buses with listlessly dancing women (and some men), lots of party bikes with hard pedaling men (and some women). I’m sure for all of them, it […]

  I had a little time today, so I thought I’d check out the job postings on the Amway website. The good news? If you’re looking for work in the Ada, Michigan area, or in a few other areas of the country where Amway has corporate offices, they are definitely hiring. You should check it […]

I don’t remember how long I have known the woman sitting across the table from me. I see her almost every week but I struggle to recall her name. It doesn’t come so I study the holiday cards taped to the wall next to her hoping for a clue. Her eyes twinkle behind her glasses […]

  This week marks the 100th day of school for my kindergartner. And because it’s important for parents to be involved in the education of their children, there was a take home assignment for us, I mean the kids. Our teacher thoughtfully provided us with a grid with 100 empty 1”x 1” spots to be […]